Day: January 18, 2018

brave inverter generator

Why You Should Get an Inverter for Your Home Gym

Let’s be honest about this: Most of our gym equipment need electricity to run. And even if they don’t, you still need energy to power up the lights, your fans, your air conditioner, your speakers, and your television in the gym. No room in the house doesn’t need electricity nowadays, which is why getting a generator is essential. But don’t just get any generator; get an inverter generator.

After reading the advantages of having an inverter in your gym, don’t forget to check out some reviews of inverter generators before buying.


Inverters are quiet

inverter generatorWhat you’ll love about inverters is that they operate with minimal noise. They’re a lot quieter than conventional generators because they only produce around 58-62 decibels—that’s lower than the sound of your vacuum cleaner that runs at 70 decibels. This means you can still enjoy excellent and upbeat music as you exercise in the gym. You won’t hear a loud humming while you run on the treadmill, allowing the music to encourage you as you work out.

Inverter generators are fuel-efficient

brave inverter generatorThese babies don’t require enormous tanks for fuel too. They can adjust their engine speed depending on how much power an appliance needs. In fact, according to studies, they can save around 40 to 60 percent of fuel. They can even run up to 10 hours! How awesome would that be? Now you don’t have to skip exercising using the power outage as an excuse! Besides, inverters are also environment-friendlier than standard generators because they release fewer emissions.

Inverters provide smooth energy

Compared to a conventional unit, an inverter generator can supply cleaner energy by converting AC to DC, then inverting DC to AC. If you’re wondering why you need clean power, that’s because most home gym equipment nowadays is more sensitive than ever. They come with the latest technology and therefore more delicate. Inverter generators can power up sensitive electronics because of the high-quality electricity they produce which is considered to be at par with the energy that electric companies supply. You can’t say the same with conventional generators.


Inverters are much safer to use on your computer, phone, tablet, laptop, and other sensitive and high-tech appliances. With an inverter, you can be sure that your home gym gears—whether they’re the latest model or not—won’t get damaged.

In fact, inverters are also ideal to be used in gyms that run for business purposes because inverters provide clean power that eliminates the possibility of voltage fluctuations and surges. This means your business can still accommodate its customers even if there is a blackout. And when people come to know this, you’ll have more and more customers.